100 Paintings Project

Caponi Art Park

This is your opportunity to buy original oil paintings at amazing prices. Starting August 23, I’ll be doing a 6 X 8-inch painting every day for 100 days and selling them. The day 1 painting will cost $10 + $8 shipping. The day 2 painting will cost $11, day 3 $12, and so on. These small paintings will make great gifts, too!

When you buy a project painting, your name will be entered into a drawing (one entry for each painting bought) and on December 1, I’m going to have someone draw a name. That person will receive an 8 X 10-inch painting.

To take advantage of this opportunity, you’ll need to fill out the form on the “100 Paintings Project”  page. (Click on the link)

All the paintings will be posted here on SharonLeah.online.

Thank you for joining in the fun!

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