Meet the Artist


The spruce tree outside my bedroom window was the subject of my first landscape painting. I was ten. It was winter. I had one brush, an 8″ x 10″ canvas-covered board, and four colors of paint: green, white, black, and blue. I sat on my bed and painted the tall spruce tree I could see through the window. 

I was born in Minnesota and have lived much of my life here.img_2072

There are as many reasons to create art as there are artists. I love trees, clouds, rocks, grasses, streams, the changing seasons, and being outside, so painting the landscape is a very natural choice for me. Plein air painting informs my studio work, and I bring nature inside when I paint florals and still life. 

Autumn in Organza

As I reflect on my progress as a human being and a painter, I know that nature touches my soul. It’s my teacher and I’m a willing student. 

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