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This is one of those paintings that grows more interesting the longer you look at it. ~ Karen Howell, Director, Evansville Art Center in Evansville, Minnesota


I like art that brings the outdoors in, connecting us to nature when we’re stuck inside.  Knowing that the artist, at least, was there, painting for hours in that lovely spot, is nice to think of.  It’s as if you were there with her and now, too, have the memory of that landscape. ~ Kirsten Pardoe

Autumn in Organza
I bought two of Sharon’s painting because I admired her perspective and careful use of color. ~ Mary Jo Ellis
Copper Kettle

I bought a painting as a Christmas gift for a friend who was totally into producing a yard decorated by unusual sunflowers and he loved the painting! Great that you do both landscapes and small arrangements. Keep on keeping on. ~ Karen M. 


What attracted me to Sharon’s work is how she sees things in the world and the beauty she finds and brings to the canvas. Things that I don’t realize are there until I see it in her paintings. Warm and vibrant Treasures made me realize that it takes so many colors to achieve the color “teapot.” It looks like my grandmother’s teapot!  I love the variety of her work and how each one offers a beautiful look at something perhaps quite ordinary. ~ Karen Karsten

Good Morning

I have two of Sharon’s pieces.  They are both landscapes and elicit both relaxed and comforting feelings. ~ Ann McAndrew