This is one of those paintings that grows more interesting the longer you look at it. ~ Karen Howell, Director, Evansville Art Center in Evansville, MN


Crossing (Unframed)

6″ x 8″ plein air oil painting on canvas-covered panel. Unframed. Price includes standard shipping.


Art Note

The vivid gold and rust colors of the 6-foot-tall prairie grasses at a nature center near my home warm the winter landscape here in southern Minnesota. This prairie restoration project was started about four years ago, and I was surprised by how tall and beautiful the grass is. Deer can walk undetected on the trails they make through the tall grass to cross openings between wooded areas.


Crossing (Framed)

6" x 8" original oil painting in custom wood frame. Framed size 9 5/8" x 11 5/8". Price includes standard shipping.


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